Adult coloring books save an industry

January 2, 2016


Coloring books are associated with childhood and happy memories of simpler times.  Learning to color within the lines of fantasy creatures and other recognizable forms shaped our early impressions of drawing and art in general.  The concentration level required to complete the many pages occupied us for many hours.  Today, the adult coloring book is the latest luxury item to conquer the holiday season market with more than 150 adult coloring book offers on the market, according to Publishers Weekly.  Even e-books and apps such as “colorfy” are seeing a significant increase in usage and sales.

The interesting follow-on phenomenon to the coloring book craze is that of sales of coloring tools including colored pencils, pens, graphic markers, and watercolors.  According to First Research’s industry reports, the global writing and marking instruments market is expected to reach $17.5B by 2020.  In the US, there are approximately 530 establishments in the art manufacturing industry with combined annual revenue of approximately $3B with the 50 largest firms generating 85% of the sales.  Specific arts products such as pens and mechanical pencils account for 25% of total sales, marking devices for 16%, and lead pencils for 6%.  All of this increase in sales goes counter to the expected decline due to the expanding use of electronic devices to replace handwritten documents.

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